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Garden Design Services
Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

Design Process

Red Geranium Garden Design Forest of Dean, will ensure that the design process will take place in simple, easy stages to create your ideal garden including low maintenance garden designs and designs for small gardens.

Initial Consultation

The first meeting will take between one or two hours. This is our opportunity to get to know you and discuss your ideas and thoughts about your garden. We will take you through the whole design process and answer any questions you may have, view the garden and discuss budgets. You may have specific requests such as for low maintenance garden designs which we can incorporate into the design.

Following the meeting an outline of the agreed brief plus a quotation for the design will be sent to you for your approval.

Site Survey

At a convenient time a site survey will be carried out which will involve accurately measuring the plot, pinpointing all the major elements and identifying any problems. A full photographic record will be taken as well as an analysis of the soil conditions.

Interim Consultation

At this meeting a plan which illustrates the proposed layout will be presented along with any visual interpretations. Together we will have further discussions and provide suggestions for the selection of appropriate materials.

When you have approved the agreed layout we will proceed to the final stage.

Final Design Stage

Within the agreed time scale the plans will be presented to you and the details explained to you in depth. The look and feel of any planting plans will be illustrated for you and a full plant specification supplied.

Project Management

If required, a full project management service will be available to you. Working with a select group of landscape contractors and other allied professionals Red Geranium Garden Design will ensure that the whole process from initial conception to project completion will run smoothly and seamlessly for you.

Maintenance Plan

Red Geranium Garden Design Forest of Dean offers a full year’s maintenance plan to monitor your garden’s development and ensure that any problems that may arise are solved. We will stay in touch with you as most gardens take several years to reach their potential and offer any advice or development you may require.

If you need a low maintenance garden design just ask and we can advise.

“ The garden that is finished is dead” H.E.Bates

garden design for small gardens
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